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Why he left. July 18, 2008

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I emailed Kevin a few days ago about asking Game some final two questions and I got back a response from Liquid with a message from Game on it. Here it is, click to enlarge.

I don’t really know what to think right now. I know I definitely feel sad. I’m not sure if I should be relieved that there weren’t any awful reasons for leaving. And he did it for the best. He probably knew that he would have to leave eventually, so he just left then. After all he said it was too hard to say goodbye.

I wish he would’ve said a little more though. I mean, he didn’t even say “I’ll miss you all” or “Have a good life” or “I’ll never forget you guys” or a simple “sorry”.

But since he didn’t say much, I didn’t say much either. I hope Kevin shows him my message. I want him to know my last word to him as “huzza”.



Dani knows something about Game. July 18, 2008

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I went on chat and I heard Dani say something about hearing from someone. Click to enlarge the picture.

All I hear is a “he”. Maybe it’s Game.


Not quitting, but leaving. July 15, 2008

Posted by Soccer in Uncategorized.

Ok you probably think I’m leaving because John is, well you’re wrong! I’m leaving because I don’t have many friends here. I have a few though. I’ll always pop in every now and then on chat but not as often as I used to. But I’ll write something about everyone that I’ve known here for awhile.

Noah: You introduced me to these two people on Bribble when you came over one day. I’ve known you since pre-k and we’ve been friends since then. You know I’ll always still hang out with you and talk to you on AIM and the phone. Hopefully we can get the S&HT show ready.

John: One of my old friends from Bribble. We were good friends there and now. Soccerinsnow were good times and so are the girly girl videos. I’ll still talk to you on AIM and maybe when I pop in on chat you’ll be there. Upload the girly girl video soon lol!

Dani: Ah Dani. I’ve known you since Bribble. Before I knew you, I always used to say you + Noah lol. I will still do that sometimes. You’ve been a great friend a very funny person. I’ll miss you but I might go to Florida this year if my brother gets accepted into a college down there. It would be funny if we met!

Jon: When we first met we were ok friends, then enemies, then friends. We’ve been through a lot in the past year(s). But you never go on chat anymore. Well I hope to talk to you soon.

Cody: I remember when we first met on Bribble. I asked you why you used your first name and then we got in a fight and became friends. I’ll still talk to you on Neopets.

Log: We’ve always been enemies and will still be. Just get rid of the mama jokes, they’re stupid. I’ll always hate you, and will probably do the same.

Will: I never really talked to you that much but in the couple of days I have, I have one thing to say…DO A LITTLE BETTER AT BEING A MOD! You ban people for no reason and you curse. That’s all.

Chao: We never really talk that much but you’re doing well as a mod. Keep up the good work.

Ducky: When we first met we made fun of each other a lot. We still sortof do. But when you told me stuff that others didn’t understand we were good friends. But now we still make fun of eachother lol.

Zipp: You’re always such a nice person. We used to be really good friends. But a few weeks ago on CP you always avoided me for some reason. Well stay the way you are…nice. And tell Lugia I said hi/bye.

Gargle: We’ve had our fights and good times but there’s nothing much to say. And the chat won’t die!

AFM: You’re funny but there’s not much to say for you either.

Well I guess that’s it. As I said I’ll pop in every now and then. If you’d like to talk to me about anything, go on AIM. My screename is soccergirl2882. Well bye!


Whoa. July 15, 2008

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This is my first post on this site! Just noticed that. Weird. Read post below.


Will, unban me. July 14, 2008

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Well I wanted you all to see an example of what Will did to me and Ducky. I’m still banned but he unbanned Ducky. He bans Ducky for a stupid reason:



And I didn’t get any pictures of my banning but you can ask Ducky, Cody, or Soccer about it later.


A note about Xat. July 13, 2008

Posted by R in Uncategorized.

So I went on the chat and it had “WEEGEE” at the bottom so I’m like “WTF??” and then Will showed me that you can PUT MESSAGES AT THE BOTTOM (only owners can do it). So I’m gonna have like news and random messages there and stuff.

Also I was looking around for Xat tricks and Owners can hide their status!

The colors for the messages are here.


My puppy! July 12, 2008

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I took this pic with my cell.



Not related but huge. July 11, 2008

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Well I was watching TV when there was a breaking news cast that they found a supposed cure for cancer which could work, but I couldn’t understand her so it’s either in dogs or it cures dog’s cancer but we have to wait 20 years for them to test it.


CPAR July 10, 2008

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For those of you who still play CP I have a stunning announcement. The top 5 armies are joining together into one army called ANTA and destroying all the smaller armies. I found out the Watex Warriors and GPR are fighting ANTA. Those two armies are both fairly large.

I’m starting an organization called CPAR that has the smaller armies teaming up to destroy the big 5 alliance and take all their servers. If you guys want your army to join comment the needed info on www.antaresistance.wordpress.com.

If you don’t have an army just join mine at www.agenthq.wordpress.com.


Sappy goodbyes? July 10, 2008

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I’m so confused. Today I reliazed, I think I’m getting too mature or something.

There’s half of me saying “Go Go Go!!! Leave Leave!!! This place is immature and boring!” and the other half “Stay Stay man, c’mon man, these are like your BFFs!”.

I’ve got some stuff to do IRL. I dunno. My life is picking up the pace.

I made AFM owner, if you didn’t know. Still confused, though. Can someone help me?

I guess I could come on a lot less, pop in now and then, like Cody. AGH.

Any suggestions? I don’t want to get into sappy goodbyes unless necessary.